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Here you will find interesting and useful blog articles on all kinds of topics we deal with at 4Soft. Feel free to check back regularly and benefit from the growing offer.


5 Minutes with a Devops Engineer

5 Minutes with a Devops Engineer


5 minutes with… our DevOps Engineer Philipp! He tells us how he came to 4Soft and how he experienced his first weeks.
Batch-Insert/Update with Spring Data and JPA

Batch-Insert/Update with Spring Data and JPA


Spring data and JPA are incredibly handy pieces of Java technology, which liberate the developer from the cumbersome task of manually writing SQL code and allow the use of Java POJOs as a programming interface. However, when it comes to batch-operations, you may face some serious performance challenges. This article will give some insights on how to solve these challenges in an elegant and yet efficient way.


Target Costing - Presentation at DIGICON 2021


Once a year, experts, users and interested parties meet at DIGICON for a joint exchange about the application platform cplace. As every year, we from 4Soft are involved in the conference and report about current projects and topics. This time it was about the first cplace project of the state capital Munich.

Augmented reality in reality check


3D applications, especially those in the field of augmented reality, have been capturing the imagination of technology enthusiasts (i.e. presumably all readers of these lines) for a good decade. All the media have already reported extensively on the first examples, on the one hand because they are so beautifully illustrative, and on the other because immersion in parallel worlds has always fascinated people. Many applications already successfully manage to combine virtual and real space, most notably computer games like Pokémon Go. Other hype technologies such as Google Glass have shown that there are also dead ends. Augmented reality in the Reality Check therefore means that for the quickly understandable, vivid and fascinating examples, there is a hurdle somewhere that first needs to be overcome before they can be applied in reality.
5 Minutes with a software engineer

5 Minutes with a software engineer


5 Minutes with… our software engineer Giuliana! She tells us what her everyday life at 4Soft is like and what she likes best about her job.
5 minutes mit with our division manager

5 minutes mit with our division manager


5 minutes with… our division manager Olav! He tells us about his exciting tasks, which include topics such as further training and benefits, why he traveled around the world for six months and much more.
5 minutes with our Recruiter

5 minutes with our Recruiter


5 minutes with… our recruiter Alexandra! How does such an application process work at 4Soft? What do we pay special attention to? Who are we looking for at all and what is special about the job? Here are the answers to the most important questions about our recruiting process.

My journey into IT


When I was asked to write a blog post about how I found my way into IT as a woman, my first answer was: I come from mechanical engineering, I can’t tell much about the „classic” way. Then I realized that this is exactly the exciting thing and that my way can encourage to dare new things.

One year Home-Office: Retrospective


This week it was time for a somewhat different “anniversary”: due to the pandemic, we have been working predominantly in our home office for a year now. We took a look back at this last year and asked our colleagues how they have been and what they remember most about it.


Hollywood calling: 4Soft films „MAGIC CPLACE MOBILE“


On the occasion of our partner collaboration Factory’s virtual cplace DIGITAL CONFERENCE, we had an eight-minute slot to fill with content on the topic of “Community Insights” on October 22, 2020. “We asked ourselves how we could best show in a short time what the new photo feature of the cplace mobile app can do in the context of business applications,” says Klaus Bergner, CEO of 4Soft GmbH.

Avoid home-office cabin fever: 5 tips from our 4Soft colleagues


In times of Covid-19, one topic in particular is probably more present than ever: home office. One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow. But after several weeks of working from home, one or the other is already on the verge of tantrum - home office cabin fever. That’s why today our employees have five special tips to prevent cabin fever and get through the day in remote mode relaxed and motivated.

Secure data transfer between cplace systems with GraphQL


GraphQL was originally developed by Facebook to simplify the development of APIs for web clients. Instead of providing a specific interface on the server side for each client and use case, with GraphQL it is sufficient to develop a single generic query interface. Detailed tutorials on how to use and implement GraphQL for Web APIs with different programming languages are available at


Clean Architecture

Clean Architecture


Architectural styles such as Clean Architecture by Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin or Hexagonal Architecture by Alistair Cockburn have attracted increasing interest in recent years. They aim at being able to develop and test the technical core of an application independently of frameworks, databases and other infrastructure. In addition to improved testability and maintainability, this approach also allows infrastructure components to be defined at a late stage and easily replaced by others at a later date. The article explains the disadvantages of traditional three-tier architectures and the improvements that can be achieved with Clean Architecture.
First steps in Kotlin as a javascript replacement

First steps in Kotlin as a javascript replacement


Kotlin has been compiling to JavaScript for some time. This makes it possible to use another language for development in the browser. This can be an interesting alternative, especially for projects that already use Kotlin in the backend. The article presents the first steps to a runnable KotlinJS project.

Basics of product line development


As consumers, we have different requirements for the products we use every day. For this reason, manufacturers offer their products in different variants. The effort required to develop and maintain a product portfolio with a large number of different product variants is much higher. At the same time, developing product variants from scratch is impossible because it is very expensive. This is usually not necessary either, because product variants often differ only in individual aspects, i.e. a large part of the functional scope is shared between variants.


Java performance and CPU Cache

Java performance and CPU Cache


The CPU cache has a big impact on the performance of an application. This is discussed in great detail in the document “What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory”, which gives a deep look into the innards of a modern CPU. For Java developers, however, optimizations of their own program code in this regard are rarely purposeful.
Development of analyses for 26000 variants

Development of analyses for 26000 variants


Many software systems provide a large number of configuration options to adapt the behavior of a system to different requirements and use cases. Such variant-rich systems pose a great challenge to the quality assurance of software systems. Due to the possible combinatorics, a “brute force” assurance of every single possible variant is not an option.

Opening of our blog


In almost all of our IT projects, we learn. Often, new knowledge comes from dealing with innovative technologies and approaches. Sometimes it’s special challenges that lead to exciting questions and approaches to solutions. Recently we started this blog to report about it and to exchange ideas with others.
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