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Opening of our blog

In almost all of our IT projects, we learn. Often, new knowledge comes from dealing with innovative technologies and approaches. Sometimes it’s special challenges that lead to exciting questions and approaches to solutions. Recently we started this blog to report about it and to exchange ideas with others.

In addition to publications in professional journals and books, the blog offers us the opportunity to pick up on topics that we currently find exciting or that stem from projects that are currently in progress.

In our projects we cover a wide range of topics and we also expect very different topics in our blog: starting from strategic questions over methodical approaches up to technical solutions everything will be represented. As the number of articles grows, we want to make sure that they can be grouped more easily through a sensible categorization. This way, every reader will be able to quickly find the articles that interest him or her.

As authors we would like to get feedback or even initiate a discussion with some articles. As a first step, at the end of an article you will find the contact information of the author with the request to simply contact him or her in case of questions or comments. At a later stage, we plan to add a classic comment function that will also allow for discussions with multiple participants.

I look forward to the upcoming posts on this blog and to your feedback.

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