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5 Minutes with a software engineer

5 Minutes with… our software engineer Giuliana! She tells us what her everyday life at 4Soft is like and what she likes best about her job.

You’ve been part of our team for more than a year now. Why did you decide to work here?

After completing my master’s degree at the University of Constance, I was looking for a suitable employer for me. I came across 4Soft GmbH relatively quickly. The subsequent job interviews gave me hope that I had found an employer that suited me and where I could develop further.

What do you mean by “develop further”?

For me, it was primarily about being able to apply the knowledge I had acquired at university and also to continue learning in my day-to-day work, to acquire new knowledge about current technologies and to get to know different project environments. Of course, by developing, I also mean developing my own personality.

Have your expectations been fulfilled so far?

Definitely. I have been able to work in various agile projects with modern technologies. In addition, all colleagues are incredibly helpful and very likeable. The family environment among colleagues is simply super.

Is your work varied?

Definitely. The fact that you usually work on several projects at the same time means that it never gets boring. And in addition to programming, which of course takes up most of my time, there are sprint meetings, consultations with colleagues and direct customer contact. Although my focus is on frontend development, I have also gained experience in backend and architecture topics. That helps for a good overall understanding.

You just mentioned that you have direct customer contact. What does this look like?

That depends a lot on the project. In the Scrum environment, for example, you maintain contact with the stakeholders to exchange information about specific project requirements. In smaller projects, it even happens that you define requirements together with the customer or advise them on technical implementations, feasibility and effort.

Do you like to work project-based?

Working on a project basis has its advantages and disadvantages. A big advantage is certainly staying flexible and always learning. One might think that a disadvantage is the constantly changing work environment. But this is only true to a certain extent. At 4Soft, there are often long-term projects with complex infrastructures and multi-layered questions. Here, too, you are challenged in a positive sense.

Do you have a favorite project? And if so, what is it?

My favorite project is a project for a large automobile manufacturer. There, six of our colleagues are working together with developers from the car manufacturer. We develop parts of the application in Angular and build the infrastructure with AWS Services. Working together as a team is simply fun and the subject matter is exciting and red-hot.

Are you happy with your job?

Because of Corona, I have spent relatively little time in the office. But the location of the office is perfect for me. I sit in a spacious three-person office and enjoy spending more time there now, too.

I have one last question: What is special about 4Soft GmbH?

What is special in any case is the very positive company atmosphere. The management is always open to ideas and suggestions from the team. So there is also enough room for rather unusual events, such as a film shoot a few months ago, where we discovered some hidden acting talents.

Thank you for this brief personal insight from you!
Picture Credits Title: © Robert Kneschke, Adobe Stock
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