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5 minutes with our Recruiter

5 minutes with… our recruiter Alexandra! How does such an application process work at 4Soft? What do we pay special attention to? Who are we looking for at all and what is special about the job? Here are the answers to the most important questions about our recruiting process.

You’ve been with 4Soft as an interim recruiter since January now, looking for IT talent for our projects. Is there a specific profile that is mainly sought after?

Yes, we have a lot of projects in the Java backend area due to our expertise, so this is our focus at the moment. However, since a large part of the resulting applications are operated via a web interface, we are also always looking for frontend engineers. The advantage is that we use very different technologies and frameworks. Thus, we are not too limited in our search, but only require a strong basic framework and allow on-the-job training. Provided someone wants to dive into different areas and get an all-around view.

What should a candidate bring to the table to convince you?

It’s usually a mix of expertise and personality. Although developers can lead the way in the competitive job market, for many companies it is not enough to hire excellent programmers if the attitude is not right or the person does not fit into the team. For agile work and areas with customer contact, communication skills and the ability to work in a team are very important. Thus, I am impressed by applicants who go into the interview motivated and prepared, communicate openly and honestly, and show enthusiasm for the cause.

Standing out from the competition as a small company and convincing candidates that we work very differently compared to large system houses. We place a lot of emphasis on quality and develop mainly for engineers, i.e. for people in the field. We act as partners at eye level, so it’s a different way of communication and project work. Our teams are kept small and develop exclusively in-house. However, it’s difficult to convey all of that in a message on LinkedIn without getting verbose.

What is the application process like at 4Soft?

We have a three-step process. After applicants express interest, I conduct the initial interview to give them all the information about us and the job so they can assess the position to be filled and have an initial idea of the company. During this process, I also clarify any preliminary questions that are relevant to us. It is important that everyone knows each other’s expectations before processes are started.

Then there is a get-to-know-you meeting with one of the managing directors. This takes place via video so that those involved get a good personal impression. During this meeting, we discuss the career path to date and the goals or aspirations for the future. It is important for us to know where someone wants to develop and how we can promote this.

The third step is an interview with the respective division manager and a senior from the team. Here we take a closer look at the technical skills. One of the things we use as a basis is a code sample of the applicants that was sent to us in advance. It’s not so much about perfect code as it is about being able to see how someone thinks and works and approaches solving a problem. This interview took place in our office before Corona, and now it is also held via video.

If a friend told you, “I have an interview at 4Soft tomorrow and I want to be well prepared,” what tip would you give them?

Find out about the company and our projects and show initiative. Be open in your communication about your skills, wishes and goals. Most interview partners notice when someone is “laying it on too thick” and appreciate an honest and authentic appearance. And very important: ask questions! It is rare to get all the information you need right from the start, and new questions usually arise in the course of an interview. Asking absolutely no questions shows a lack of interest because you obviously haven’t looked into the job.

Why should you definitely apply to 4Soft?

Because we are a great team and ultimately people matter more than work! 😊 For me, too, the working environment is one of the most important points when I choose my customer projects. The people have to be friendly and likeable, and the communication also has to be right.

At 4Soft, I had a very good feeling right from the start. The managing directors are very approachable and open from the very first conversation, and there is a family-like dozens culture, partly because many employees have known each other for a very long time. Due to the size of the company, there are no lengthy processes and you have a large area of responsibility as well as creative freedom and therefore the feeling that you can contribute a lot. For me, it is extremely important to be able to contribute instead of just implementing something.

In addition, at 4Soft you have the opportunity to get to know a wide range of exciting, but also challenging (mostly greenfield) projects and thus expand your previous experience, as you constantly have to find new creative solutions. A job where you can learn something new and that never gets boring rounds off the perfect offer for me.

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