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One year Home-Office: Retrospective

This week it was time for a somewhat different “anniversary”: due to the pandemic, we have been working predominantly in our home office for a year now. We took a look back at this last year and asked our colleagues how they have been and what they remember most about it.

Baking in the Home Office

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Dennis Bock, Software Developer:} “Regular virtual kicking in the lunch break or virtual game evenings bring light into the workday and are a real highlight. One problem here, of course, is that people are still struggling with the Christmas pounds, not least because there was an above-average amount of baking during the lockdown. 🍪🍰

On the other hand, the nice sides of the home office also show in the fact that you see the little ones grow up and miss nothing. So my conclusion after one year is rather positive. Of course, you miss the direct contact with your colleagues, but in the end you’re grateful and glad that you work in an industry where home office is easily possible.”

Constanze Temmler, Software Developer: **

“We the haxball pros? One year home office, that means about 200 days of intensive Haxball training. In the meantime, in the small browser soccer game, accurate passes work, the opponent is outplayed and you are safe from any ball pickup. So…

…sometimes. Haxball is still a lot of fun and during the game we talk about how the bread baking in the home office works out. Some of us can even tell you how things are going in the office right now. Fun is still the number one priority 😉. I wonder if we’ll ever play foosball again?”

Michael Kraus, Software Developer: **

“To break the monotony of daily video conferences that always run the same way, we had pizza delivered to the homes of all twelve participants during a five-hour planning meeting at lunchtime. The challenges here were: Minimum order value (solution: extra tiramisu for everyone!); credit card only allows six transactions in a row; delivery services calling during the meeting to see if they could deliver early or late; deliveries not coming at the same time so not everyone could eat together; DSGVO-compliant handling of delivery addresses. In the end, the participants were enthusiastic and definitely want to repeat the action! 🍕😋”

Pizza in the home office

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Marc Sihling, Managing Director:}

“A year ago, the switch to a predominantly home office was easy - the infrastructure was there and the processes were already digitalized. Looking back on the last year, however, there were also one or two moments of “office homesickness”. To counteract this, virtual work and leisure meetings help us. For work meetings, the combination of Microsoft Teams and the Miro Whiteboard has proven particularly effective. In the leisure area, meetings are supported by game sites. The collaboration platform Wonder gave us a varied Christmas party where all colleagues discussed different topics in different rooms. It makes me feel like I’m right back in the office…”

Discovering Munich from the Home Office

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Martin Obermeier, Software Developer:

“In the new normal of the home office, my biggest problem was preventing “the ceiling from falling on my head”. To counteract this, I gave myself an extensive sports program. Many clubs now offer the option of working out together via Zoom. Other options are jogging or training at home with dumbbells and your own body weight. I myself train twice a week via Zoom, twice at home and go jogging every Sunday. To get out of my own four walls more often, I’m currently working my way through the book 111 Places in Munich You Must See together with my wife. Even as a native of Munich, there are a few places mentioned here where I have never been before. Basically, we combine that with a Radl tour.”

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We hope you have also come through the last year well. Do you have any further suggestions on the subject? Then I look forward to hearing from you. Stay healthy!