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VEC2Go - 3D cable harnesses on the tablet

With the availability of WebGL also on mobile devices, it is possible to render even complex 3D graphics locally. Resource-hungry streaming from special servers is no longer necessary.

This opens up completely new application possibilities for information that already exists in the form of KBL or VEC data.

To evaluate the state of the art, 4Soft developed a proof-of-concept prototype in 2014 that visualises routing paths and connectors of cable harnesses on the client side in a web browser and even makes them “touchable” on tablets.

The aim was in particular to evaluate whether the technology and the available hardware are suitable as a basis for the development of professional 3D applications in the cable harness environment.

The following functions were realised for the prototype:

If you want to see how your browser or tablet performs, just try it out:

VEC2Go Proof-of-Concept Prototype

VEC2Go Proof-of-Concept Prototype

The sample data does not correspond to any real vehicle and was created specifically for demonstration purposes.

Rainer Ganß

Rainer Ganß

Software Architekt

If you would like to know how your own data (possibly also large wiring harnesses of current vehicles) feels, just make an appointment with us.