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4Soft at the IIOT use case community meeting

4Soft at the IIOT use case community meeting


The meeting of the IIoT use case community last Thursday was a complete success. Together with our partner Threedy GmbH, we were represented with no less than three virtual booths on the topic of “3D Data Streaming for New Industrial Applications”.

Each booth presented a specific use case from industrial practice: The use case “3D Engineering Collaboration” showed how engineers can work together on 3D models across the entire process chain. The “Assisted Maintenance” use case was about how to use 3D data in after-sales for maintenance and repairs, and the “Live IOT Data Visualization” was all about visualization and integration of product and sensor data.

We were thrilled by the great interest in projects based on instant3Dhub, the new enabling technology for 3D data streaming. Almost every discussion partner came up with possible application scenarios in their own company.

Last but not least: It was a lot of fun to explore the virtual conference area as an avatar.

Many thanks to IOT Use Case for organizing this event, we will be glad to participate again!

4Soft at the prostep ivip Symposium 2022

4Soft at the prostep ivip Symposium 2022


25 years of prostep ivip Symposium: And 4Soft will be there again this year. On June 8 and 9, 2022, science and business, opinion leaders and impulse generators, thought leaders and trend setters will meet at the ICS Stuttgart. Find out for two days about the topics of Digital Transformation, Autonomous Driving, Internet of Things, Systems Engineering, Industry 4.0, Digital Twin and much more!

In addition to many inspiring keynotes and instructive workshops, our 4Soft colleague Johannes Becker will also give an exciting presentation together with Jorgos Kyriazis from Volkswagen AG on the topic of “The VEC, the reference model for the wiring system - Hidden treasures of a data exchange format”.

Would you also like to attend? Then please inform yourself here. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Girls' Day 2022 at 4Soft

Girls’ Day 2022 at 4Soft


Girls’ Day 2022 was a complete success with a scavenger hunt, knowledge challenge and joint programming of a robot. At the end, the participants were able to take home not only some goodies, but above all many impressions of exciting professions in the IT sector.

Many thanks to the girls, who were full of interest and enthusiasm, and to all the employees involved, who guided the girls through the day. We are already looking forward to Girls’ Day 2023!

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Get to know us at the student career fair Landshut

Get to know us at the student career fair Landshut


On May 19, 2022, we will be at the student career fair in Landshut. Come by, get to know us personally and learn how you can launch your career at 4Soft. In addition, our managing director Marc Sihling will give an exciting presentation on “Curiosity and responsibility - project work at 4Soft”.

You want to find out about career opportunities before the job fair? Then take a look at our career page!

We are looking forward to an exciting day and interesting conversations!

4Soft in the IoT Use Case Podcast: 3D data streaming throughout the process chain

4Soft in the IoT Use Case Podcast: 3D data streaming throughout the process chain


We are pleased that our CEO Dr. Klaus Bergner was invited to the exciting IoT Use Case Podcast. Based on projects, application examples and success stories, the podcast with its IoT Use Case Network explains the potential of IoT for industry. The “Internet of Things” directly from industrial practice!

Together with our customer Siemens and our partner Threedy, we talk about 3D data streaming for new, industrial applications. 3D data that is available away from expert tools throughout the process chain, just like Google Maps on your cell phone in your pocket. With Threedy’s platform, we at 4Soft are building new kinds of applications that stream 3D data to the devices of all process participants. Siemens as a customer benefits from drastically reduced coordination times.

The episode is available right here on the website (or on Apple or Spotify). A transcript of the conversation can be found on the official podcast page.

4Soft opens its doors for the Girls' Day 2022

4Soft opens its doors for the Girls’ Day 2022


It will soon be that time again - on 28 April it is Girls’ Day, the girls’ day of the future. This year we are opening our doors again. We are giving interested girls the opportunity to look behind the scenes of IT and software development for a day.

How does an app actually work and what was Virtual Reality again? We show that programming is not just for nerds, but a damn cool job.

The Girls’ Future Day is a nationwide project for girls’ career and study choices. The aim is to broaden the spectrum of career choices for schoolgirls, as many make their career choices in a gender-specific way, influenced by societal role models. Girls’ Day offers girls their first insights into previously unknown working worlds.

We look forward to a varied and exciting day. You want to join? You can apply here!

Neue Referenz MTU Aero Engines
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Neue Referenz MTU Aero Engines


The Product and Field Support application makes field experience on engine components available. It coordinates the planning, execution and monitoring of maintenance requests and repair developments via workflows. Our latest success story describes the original task, the solution approach and the benefits achieved for MTU Aero Engines.

We support the project Kältebus München
Kältebus München e.V.

We support the project Kältebus München


For many years now, we at 4Soft have been collecting money at the end of the year and donating it to a charitable project. This time we chose the project Kätebus München, which distributes warm food, drinks, hygiene items, sleeping bags and various other things to homeless people in the evening. For this good cause, we collected € 1,430 and handed it over to the project sponsor.


4Soft company weekend 2021

4Soft company weekend 2021


Our annual 4Soft weekend could finally take place again after the Corona break. We spent two days with lots of fun, good food and of course in the best company at the Hasenöhrlhof in Bavaria. Many thanks to all who were there. We are already looking forward to many more team events in the future!

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4Soft at the cplace Digital Conference

4Soft at the cplace Digital Conference


We will be present again at the cplace DIGI CON 2021 of collaboration Factory AG on October 21st with a virtual booth and a presentation.

Using the example of a target costing application of the civil engineering department of the city of Munich, we will show in our presentation how existing Excel applications can be migrated to the cplace platform in an agile and systematic way. We will describe the basic procedure as well as the success factors and experiences in a concrete project and in general with the specialist domain of target costing.

If you would like to attend cplace DIGI CON 2021 and see our presentation at 15:15, you can get a free ticket here.

4Soft opens new office in Ludwigsburg

4Soft opens new office in Ludwigsburg


At the Ludwigsburg location, collaboration Factory and 4Soft have been working in partnership in a joint office for several years. Our common goal is to provide direct and fast support to customers in the greater Stuttgart area. Recently we moved to a new office in Hindenburgstraße 45. It offers a lot of space for creative work, workshops, events and the exchange with customers and partners.

The following impressions give an impression of the premises. As soon as it is possible again, we want to celebrate the opening with customers, partners and employees.

(Message from collaboration Factory)

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Our new HR und Recruiting Manager Nina

Our new HR und Recruiting Manager Nina


I am pleased to introduce myself today as a new team member. Since the beginning of last month, I have been HR and Recruiting Manager at 4soft GmbH and have made it my mission to find the best IT specialists for our company (both professionally and personally) and to provide the candidates with a positive candidate experience.

As with so many people, I took a few detours of a professional nature and, after studying German and history, started my career in the marketing sector. After a few years focusing on marketing and project management, mainly in the education sector, I worked for many years as a lecturer for application processes, both in adult education and in the youth sector, and during this time I realised more than ever that the exchange and communication with other people is extremely important to me. What skills does an individual bring with them, in what direction do they want to move professionally, what are important factors for them, besides the work itself, so that they feel good and thus automatically achieve better work results?

In order to complement my practical experience, I studied human resources management by distance learning alongside my work and was able to expand my knowledge in the theoretical area as well. I am of the opinion that you can acquire many things yourself if you are interested in them, quasi learning-on-the-job, but you also have to be given the theoretical skills.

Since then, I have been working with great passion as a recruiter; most recently for an internationally oriented company and have already been able to successfully fill various vacancies in different areas during my professional career. Actually, there is almost no area for which I have not recruited in the meantime 😉.

The decision to now join a new company and go to 4Soft is based on the fact that I love to be proactively involved. We are a great team here with flat hierarchies and many opportunities to help shape processes and be involved in developments. And even the first few weeks have shown me that this is actually possible and lived here.

I love my work, I’m a full-blooded HR person. It’s great to interact with other people, to engage with different characters and, optimally, to create added value for both sides.

However, I am not only an HR manager. Besides my work, I am also a mother of two great daughters aged 3 and 10. They are both balance and inspiration for me and support me in their own way in what I do. As my older daughter said to me recently, “Mum, the most important thing for a company is that they realise that they can only be successful because of their employees, so they must always treat them fairly and with respect.” And right she is!

I am looking forward to a great, constructive cooperation!

Your Nina

Event: Public Coding Dojo

Event: Public Coding Dojo


For the first time, we are opening our monthly Coding Dojo to all interested persons. Whether you are a veteran or completely new to the world of software development, everyone can still learn something. No one is judged in the dojo. It’s all about having fun and getting better together. Join us and sign up via our online form.

Our Coding Dojo is led by our software developer Michael Steinbüchler. For those who are not yet familiar with the concept of Coding Dojos, he has answered the most important questions:

What actually is a Coding Dojo?

In a Coding Dojo, software is jointly programmed to solve a given task. Due to the current situation, we do the dojo digitally via teams and Github. Normally, you meet for this and finish the whole thing with pizza 😀. At the beginning of the 3-hour dojo, an order is set for the participants, then one after the other takes their turn, shares their screen and programmes. Here we always work in a kind of two-person team. The “pilot” programmes and his “co-pilot” assists. After 10 minutes, the pilot checks in his status and the co-pilot continues as the new pilot. This is how you get closer and closer to the solution.

Why do we regularly do coding dojos?

The dojo is a playful kind of training that aims to see how colleagues approach problems and work out solutions. This way you often learn interesting things, e.g. if there are 5 people, each of them uses a different way to check in the source code. It’s also a lot of fun to work together on a small project in which you can move around completely freely.

What topics are covered?

It varies a lot. The dojo is usually held in Java and tackles simple problems like: a poker hand evaluator, a calculator for Roman numerals, Conway’s Game of Life and much more…

We support the project Brotzeit für Kinder
brotZeit e.V.

We support the project Brotzeit für Kinder


For many years, we at 4Soft have been collecting money at the end of the year and donating it to a charitable project. This time we chose the brotZeit project, which provides children at 245 primary and special schools in Germany with a free breakfast. For this good cause, we collected 1,880 € among our employees and handed it over to the project organiser.

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