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Wheel Alignment Central Database at the BMW

BMW Group

Thanks to the Wheel Alignment Central Database (WACTDB), the BMW Group controls and manages the target database of chassis stands internationally and centrally. The harmonization of chassis settings across plants leads to a significantly lower risk of error and improved efficiency in processes.

Project goals

After a vehicle has passed through the production line at the BMW Group plant, its chassis is initialized with predefined values. These factory settings are derived from the series, type and individual equipment. Until now, employees had to maintain these values manually at the production computers in each plant - the risk of errors was correspondingly high. With the development and introduction of the “Wheel Alignment Central Database” (WACTDB) application, those responsible succeeded in managing the organization and maintenance of the chassis data in a modern and efficient way.

Übersicht Wheelalignment Central Database

Übersicht Wheelalignment Central Database

Customer benefits

With the new application, the responsible employees manage the factory settings of the chassis at a central location in the so-called target database. From there, the data is transferred to the production computers in the plants across all countries at the push of a button so that it can be imported into the vehicles. This central administration standardizes and harmonizes the process, making it much simpler. All changes to the data are logged by the system, so that employees can easily reconstruct any ambiguities that may arise at a later date. Changes to critical data are also checked according to the dual control principle, which means that discrepancies can be identified quickly. The application supports this process with the visualization of even complex data sets as required and with the ability to compare different data statuses quickly and easily. The WACTDB system supports and promotes collaborative work both within a plant and across plants and countries. Upstream and downstream processes are intuitively connected.

Our contribution

4Soft specializes in the development of individual software systems in the automotive sector. In a first step, the IT experts from 4Soft analyzed and completed the requirements of the BMW Group and the business processes involved. Based on this, the project team developed an innovative solution and implemented it. As a full service provider, 4Soft continues to support and maintain the WACTDB application.

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