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As consultants, we understand our clients. We analyse the challenges, identify possible solutions and develop a sustainable strategy. By looking “outside the box”, we recognise cross-references and find synergies.

We advise our clients in the run-up to and during the implementation of major transformation projects. For this, we offer visionary character with foresight and passion.

Early stages

At the beginning is the critical stage of a project. It is important that everyone involved understands the problem, knows the alternative solutions and makes the right decisions. In this phase, our consultants bring experience and foresight to bear and support our clients in setting the right course.

For this purpose, we can recommend the following analyses in particular:

  • Use Case based requirements analysis
  • User Story based requirements analysis
  • Estimation models for use case or user story based requirements


Graphical models in particular are very helpful for communicating and agreeing on complex issues. Such models offer an invaluable advantage when they are more than just “nice colourful pictures”. Created with a goal-oriented system and methodology, models can also help to reduce the effort required for implementation or quality assurance through code or test case generation.

We have had very good experience with the following approaches and methods in particular:

  • Factual data modelling
  • interface modelling
  • Model-based API and DDL or test case generation

Variant management

In more and more areas, we are dealing with systems that are rich in variants due to numerous configuration options. In order to keep the development and validation of such systems or products manageable, intelligent strategies are needed that cleverly exploit the cross-references and commonalities of individual variants.

From our own experience, the following methods and analyses are particularly recommended:

  • Data flow analyses
  • Control flow analyses
  • Variability analyses

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Development of analyses for 26000 variants

Development of analyses for 26000 variants

Many software systems provide a large number of configuration options to adapt the behavior of a system to different requirements and use cases. Such variant-rich systems pose a great challenge to the quality assurance of software systems. Due to the possible combinatorics, a “brute force” assurance of every single possible variant is not an option.
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