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Individual software development

Our agile development teams are specialised in implementing sophisticated IT systems in a complex environment. In close cooperation with the customer, systems are created in short cycles that are powerful, reliable, flexible and secure. The basis for this is well thought-out software architectures and a suitably designed infrastructure.

Agile development processes à la SCRUM require not only a mature build and deployment infrastructure, but also the appropriate “mindset” and the necessary “skills” in the entire development team.

In order to maximise the efficiency and quality of the development teams and to optimise the coordination with our customers, we generally refrain from “outsourcing” or “nearshoring”.

We are convinced that developer hourly rates play only a very subordinate role in the total costs of an individual software development. Much more decisive is how quickly and, above all, how reliably a production-ready solution is actually created. In our experience, this is where the wheat is quickly separated from the chaff.

  • For teamwork, we rely on a Git workflow with merge requests and peer reviews.
  • The individual developers have long since internalised guidelines such as “SOLID”, “Clean Code” and “Test Driven Development”.
  • For Continuous Integration and Deployment we work with GitLab CI and Jenkins respectively. Due to the variety of target environments for our software systems, we are also increasingly using Docker solutions.
  • For static code analysis we use tools like SonarQube.

Although our experienced developers usually master a very broad spectrum of programming languages, frameworks and tools, the following main areas of focus have emerged at 4Soft, not least due to many years of experience:

Java & Friends

We have mastered Java and its frameworks since the very beginning. In projects we use Java mainly in the backend for the development of sustainable information systems. We design new Java UIs almost exclusively with JavaFX.

As experts, we are particularly familiar with the following frameworks and technologies:

  • Java base APIs (incl. JAXB, NIO as well as all new Java8 features)
  • Spring (incl. Spring Boot)
  • JPA implementations (incl. Hibernate, EclipseLink)
  • UI frameworks (esp. Swing, Eclipse SWT, JavaFX)_
  • XML technologies (XSL, XQuery, Formatting Objects)_
  • Databases (esp. Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL)_
  • build systems (esp. Maven, Gradle)

C# & .NET

We have also felt at home in the Windows world for years.

As in the Java environment, our focus is more on the development of powerful and reliable server applications hosted by Microsoft IIS.

Especially in the following frameworks and technologies we can support with our expert knowledge:

  • .NET framework (incl. ASP.NET MVC, LINQ & Entity Framework, WPF)
  • Processing of MS Office documents (Open XML SDK)
  • IoC containers (Castle Windsor)
  • Databases (esp. SQL Server, Oracle)_
  • _Build systems (esp. MSBuild, NuGet)

HTML5 & Mobile

In almost all current projects we now realise the user interface through modern web technologies. Not only does it look fantastic and feel intuitive, but thanks to Responsive Design, it can also be dynamically adapted for all types of devices and is highly portable.

Our experts are happy to support your organisation, especially in the following technologies:

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