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Innovations are often shaped by software. Together with our customers, we transform exciting ideas into competitive concepts and implement them directly in the form of prototypes. We work on these in close consultation with the customer until they are ready for use or the added value can be visualised.

Especially in order to keep experienced employees and their know-how in the company, it is important to constantly observe and evaluate current developments and, if necessary, simply try something out. In this way, employees can not only broaden their own horizons, but also tap the potential of new technologies and approaches for 4Soft and its customers.

For this reason, we regularly dedicate internal projects as well as term papers or student research projects to exploring and testing new technologies, tools and strategies.

Combined with our knowledge of our clients’ business and core competencies, this can create innovation that will also move your business forward.

Augmented Reality

Currently, for example, we are keeping a very close eye on developments in the field of augmented reality. Especially in combination with AR glasses such as the HoloLens or through the use of tablets, there are numerous interesting applications in the area of production and quality assurance.

If you also want to break new ground or are interested in a student research project, we would be happy to get in touch with you.

Augmented Reality
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