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Project Management

Successful IT projects work with precisely fitting methods. We bring project management to our customers using a reliable toolboc of methods. With experienced project managers we lead IT projects to success - often also as “project fire fighters”.

The ability to deliver IT projects on time, on budget and on budget is a crucial success factor for many companies and public authorities. The hand tools for this are wide ranging – from agile methods like SCRUM to rich approaches like the V-Modell XT. We help to learn and expand this knowledge and to put it into practice. We are also happy to take direct responsibility for projects.

Introducing hybrid approaches

The combination of agile and classical approaches in project management promises the best of both worlds. On a large scale, you find plannability, reliability and controllability. On the small scale, flexibility, dynamism and innovation.

We support your organisation in compiling and successfully introducing tailor-made specifications for the implementation of your IT projects from the existing toolbox of methods. Topics such as project organisation, decision-making, quality management, reporting and contracting are important.

Experienced project managers

Do you have something extraordinary in mind? Is an ongoing project causing you headaches? Our project managers will lead your projects to success.

With a great deal of experience, foresight and passion, we plan your project, coordinate those involved and carry it out. In doing so, we feel personally committed to success.

Ideally, we are involved at an early stage and accompany the project until its completion. It is also possible for us to provide support for a limited period of time or to be involved in specific sub-disciplines (e.g. risk management).


In many projects, the team is already set and the aim is for those involved to “pick up speed” as quickly as possible. In these cases, we help to maintain an overview of the methodological landscape and to focus on the essentials.

Coaching in project management often begins with training for individual participants or for the entire project team (for example, on SCRUM or the V-Model XT). Based on an assessment of the current capabilities of the project team, concrete measures are then discussed and implemented.

Our experts share their experience and best practices in the form of open seminars or in-house seminars.

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